Raising great kids just got easier with Koala Pete.

We are a community of young children and their parents encouraging one another to make good choices  and live a good life. Koala Pete and Pal are thrill-seeking young adventurers on a mission to encourage their family and friends to choose wisely in their everyday decisions. Koala Pete and Pal don’t always make the best decisions. As a result, they find themselves in a predicament.

Why Koala Pete?

Koalas are cute, cuddly, clever, wise, cautious and independent. They thrive in the wild. And they sleep a lot. Though they appear to live alone, koalas are part of a community. Chances are you can find many of these characteristics with the people in your own home. Koalas are on the endangered species list. So are those who think first then make wise choices. Such choices are often unpopular at the moment, but when such choices are made over and over, a happy, successful life is sure to be the result. Koala Pete and Pal are advocating for excellent character traits including honesty, kindness, and adventure in their everyday choices.

Pete means rock. Peter from the Bible was an Apostles, a mistake-prone evangelist. The name Pete connotes boldness, eventfulness and an exciting life. Pete is a versatile guy who wants to do his own thing his own way. He wants to be his own person–an individual. Koala Pete appeals to just such a child–one who is passionate about life, others, and adventure. He wants to make a positive difference in his world. With Koala Pete in your life, raising great kids just got easier.

Pal is known for her devotion to motherhood. She embodies kindness and mercy, bringing good luck, peace and harmony to every home she visits and each life–big and little–that she touches.

Hope you join us now our adventures at Koala Pete’s blog.

Koala Pete & Pal

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