The most common response we hear when showing Koala Pete™ postcard stories to someone for the first time is: “I wish I had one of those.”

Help us help you create the best possible keepsake album for your loved ones.

Koala Pete™ has chosen topics he hopes will touch your loved one’s heart. From the first postcard story to the final “Book Bonding” day, the Koala Pete™ adventure is a special, one-of-a-kind experience. You will be given opportunity to reflect on important life events and decisions you’ve made. Now you have the opportunity to share insights and lessons learned with loved ones in a keepsake album to be treasured for years to come.

Though it may only take a few minutes to write each postcard story, it has taken an entire lifetime for you to be able to respond as only you can.

What’s included in a Koala Pete’s™ postcard stories kit?

Tell Your Story Your Way

Match the Writing Prompt to the postcard. Write your story and send to loved one. Ask them to save the cards so they can be bound into a keepsake album later.

If you are concerned about the cards getting misplaced or forgotten on Book Bonding/Binding Day, make a copy of the original card and send that instead. Save the originals in the box provided.

Send photos and memorabilia with the postcard stories if desired. (Extra postage may be required.) Or save them in the box and add to your album on “Book Bonding/Binding” day. Use as many 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” cards as needed.

*Visit the Koala Pete™ Community at for inspiration and ideas.*

Book Bonding/Binding Day Tips & Tricks:

  • Extra photos can be cut into ¼” strips and inserted in binding to keep album flat.
  • Take a picture of a picture with your phone. Works great!
  • Consider adding memorabilia, awards, newspaper clippings, stickers, and/or fabrics.

Admire a job well done with your loved one. Good time for a cup of hot chocolate or lemonade and a cookie.

Repeat for another special person in your life.

Visit the Koala Pete™ Community,, where you’ll find a platform to share your stories, ways to personalize and up-cycle supplies included. Also keep updated on Koala Pete’s™ adventures and who he’s currently supporting.

Koala Pete’s™ Story:

KP was a carefree young koala when the Australian bushfires struck his neighborhood leaving him an orphan in search of his family. Currently, he is living at Koalas In Care hospital in Australia. He misses his family something awful. However, he and his grandmother are keeping in touch through letter writing. She tells him about life in the wild and he tells her about events at the hospital.

You can read Koala Pete’s™ story, inspired by actual events, here.

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