How it Works:

Koala Pete™ and Pal want to partner with you to win the hearts and minds of your children. Using Critical Thinking and engaging, Creative Activities, your children are offered a variety of opportunities to observe some of the ways God has designed things to work. Just as Jesus used parables and analogies to give insight into spiritual truths, so does Koala Pete™ and Pal.

Each activity focuses on one of these 7 themes.

By asking guided questions, the wisdom and Truths of Scripture come alive as these themes are instilled into the fabric of your child’s heart and mind through observation of nature, people, and the world around them. An understanding of the consequences of choices made begins to emerge as the child starts to understand the value in making wise choices based on what he observes. In other words, choosing to follow God’s way and not succumb to peer pressure–“though none go with me, still I will follow”.

Each lesson includes a simple, related activity that is fun and engaging. Many of the activities can be successfully completed without any help from a parent. But, we encourage you, Mom and Dad, to do the lesson and the activity with your children that they may gain the maximum benefit from each activity.

The Busy Buddies activities can be used as conversation starters around the dinner table, a family night activity, a devotion, or an award for completing a task. We’re sure you can come up with many more uses for these activities. No matter how you use them, they are sure to spark some interesting conversations and deeper thoughts, not only for the children but also for you, the parent.

Here’s how to get started with Koala Pete™’s Busy Buddy Activities:

  1. Get a Busy Buddy
  2. Set your Smart Phone to the ‘camera’ setting and scan your bear’s heart.
  3. Each week your Busy Buddy will provide a new lesson and activity in video format. (We have made every effort to find activities that use basic craft supplies and items that are readily available around the house 3 times a month. One activity each month may require a couple of items that may have to be purchased specifically for the activity should you choose to do that activity.)
  4. Each activity includes a one-page print-out for your convenience.

Ready to try it out? If you are at a desktop computer, set your Smart Phone to the ‘camera’ mode and hold it up to the Busy Buddy at the top of this page. It will focus on his heart and soon a link will pop up at the top of your phone. Tap on the link and watch the introductory video. If you are viewing this on your phone, just tap here.

Busy Buddies designed to be scanned with a Smart Phone. Now, wherever your child takes their Busy Buddy, they will have an engaging activity to occupy themself.

Our Values: Compassion Creativity Critical Thinking