The year: 2018. The place: Costco. The call: our son.

“Mom, I know you’ve wanted to be a grandma for a long time. Well, guess what?”

A few weeks later he called again. “We’re having twins.” Identical twins. Girls. He had wanted a little sister since he was 7 years old. He waited 22 years for a little girl.

There I was, a former homeschool mom and teacher. Now a soon-to-be grandma. What is a creative Christian grandmother of twins, mother of 3 and teacher of many to do?

Build a website, of course. Now is the perfect time to revisit and expand on those lessons, activities, and ideas that there was no time for when the kids were home and I was a busy mother juggling family, school, and Hubby’s business.

Perhaps God has placed me here “for such a time as this.” I believe that to teach a child is a sacred calling. After 30+ years teaching and raising children, it is now time to share some of the lessons learned about life, love and learning.

Koala Pete™ Kids is here to partner with you to make a positive impact in the hearts and minds of today’s children. Together, we can encourage the young ones entrusted to us to develop hearts of compassion excellence of character and a lifestyle of creativity.

Won’t you join the adventure?