Koala Pete: “Embrace the hero within” for LIFE (literacy, integrity, faith, empathy). He is on the lookout for all things that inspire young people to LOVE (Live Out Values Everyday) reading. Books, activities, creativity and related items.

How we got started: The desire to do good for children was ignited in Cindy’s heart many years ago when she wanted to impart “values and morals” into children’s lives. This desire has remained constant through the years. In 2007, she took her youngest son to do some people watching at the mall. When asked what he noticed, his reply: “There’s a lot, a lot, a lot of unhappy people in this world.” Enter Koala Pete and “Embrace the hero within.”

Raising Readers for LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday)

Koala Pete keeps his readers up-to-date on current (and some classic) books that address these important themes. He even awards the “Koala Pete Mark of Approval” to books that meet his criteria (Raising Readers for LIFE–Living In Faith Everyday).

Is there a child in your life that that you would like to spark a love for reading in? Do you love a child who you would like to see become a reader for LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday)? Spare them the heartache of making poor choices when his/her friends do? If so, come see what Koala Pete is up to at www.koalapete.com.

With Koala Pete, raising great kids just got easier!

Koala Pete: Embrace the hero within
Raising Readers for LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday)





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