Koala Pete was born out of a passion for the BIG MOMENTS, ah ha moments, and teachable moments. Having spent over 4 decades in the trenches raising, teaching, and observing our own children, and other children, it is now time to reach out to the community, both online and off. Koala Pete’s goal is to give you and your children a reason–every day–to choose wisely so they can live well. The tools: great stories, simple crafts, seasonal activities. Helping you help your child choose to be good and do right.

little people

Many years ago we took our young son to the mall to do some people watching. When asked what he learned from the event, he replied, “There’s a lot, a lot, a lot of unhappy people.” Today we are keenly aware of his insight at such a young age.  We’re sure you don’t want that for yourself or your family. Koala Pete encourages positive choices that lead to a happy life. As you well know, building a lifetime of happiness often means making the hard choice at the moment. Koala Pete doesn’t always think before he makes a decision. Such actions create undesirable predicaments. It is our goal to bring up the logical outcome of those choices in stories.

With Koala Pete, raising great kids just got easier!

Embrace the power within . . . One story at a time.