Little Jimmy’s Troubles

It was a crisp spring afternoon at the little house on Rock Hill Drive in Oregon. Koala Pete, the wise, cheerful koala known and loved by children around the world, heard the soft whimpers of little Jimmy sitting in his back yard. KP stopped immediately. He knew this was the child for him to visit today. You see, KP helps children discover the heroes within themselves every day. He found little Jimmy in his back yard all alone under a big oak tree with his dog, Maggie. KP waited, hidden in mother’s flower garden for a few minutes. Jimmy began to listlessly eat sugar snap peas while the chickens were busily foraging for food.


It was time for KP to reveal himself to Jimmy. He popped out from the flower garden and into Jimmy’s arms. Jimmy knew about KP and was glad that he had come to help him this day. One of Jimmy’s teardrops touched KP on the cheek. That is when the magic happened. You see, when a child’s tear touches KP he is given the power to communicate with him.

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