Making Soap & Shower Disks


Beginning to prepare for next month’s trip to Japan. Hope to be introduced to at least one or two traditional Japanese crafts on this trip. Want to come up with a couple of popular American crafts to share with the Japanese crafters.┬áThis is a practice run. In truth, I pinned a recipe, purchased the supplies, and when it was time to make the product, the recipe had been taken down and was nowhere to be found online. Lesson to the wise–might be a good idea to actually print out a recipe, especially if it is a one-of-a-kind recipe before it is too late.


Decided on Adzuki Bean Melt and Pour Soap as well as Shower Disks. This incorporates essential oils which are ever so popular here in the US. A consumable craft seems to be ideal for people in Japan as their houses are so small and space is at a premium. Wanted to use the Adzuki Beans because that is a popular bean in Japan. It is supposed to be a good exfoliating soap for the skin. The shower disks were just an added part of the “spa-like” gift.


Here’s the link that inspired this project. Unfortunately, the recipe link no longer works. In the end, this Coffee Bean Soap recipe looked quite similar and who doesn’t like coffee anyways? So, I used the ingredients for the Adzuki Bean Soap, but followed the Coffee Bean Soap recipe. Want to try this Coffee Bean Soap recipe with the correct essential oils and take that to Japan. The Adzuki Bean Soap turned out fine,

Shower Disks

Here’s the link to the shower disks. I was less than pleased with these. Ended up putting them in the freezer to harden up. Wrapped them in plenty of bubble wrap to keep them from crumbling. Not a good idea to pack in a suitcase.


Need another week to make the melt-and-pour coffee bean soap. The shower disks are a bad idea to take in a suitcase–or to send in the mail–because they are too fragile. All in all, not a successful crafting week. However, we did end up with a few bars of Adzuki Bean Soap in our bathroom. Stay tuned for a sequel post on what to make to take to Japan for a gift from the US.


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52 Reasons to Create

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This year my New Year’s Resolution is to create and share a simple, quick creative project each week. Why? I love Pinterest! In fact, I’ve been gaining inspiration from Pinterest for years now. Only problem: that’s it–getting inspired. This is the year to take that inspiration to the next level and do something with it. Like most people, life is busy and there isn’t a lot of time to do what I love to do: make things for others. Each week offers 168 hours. Within those 168 hours, there’s usually a couple hours to create something to share with someone else. This would be far more profitable than simply inspiring myself. Not only would my creativity improve, but even more important, attention to the needs and life-experiences of family and friends would become a greater focus.

I’m giving myself 3 criteria for this creative endeavor:

  1. Choose a high quality, low-cost project to be made from easily accessible materials (found at the craft, home improvement or grocery store).
  2. Block out a few hours each week to create something.
  3. Share the creation with someone each week (i.e., husband–enhance the home environment, children–send through the mail, friends and family–special occasions such as a birthdays, holidays, illness, pregnancy, encouragement, seasonal, or any other event.)

Recently, I’ve spent several hours looking at creative magazines at bookstores and find myself quite uninspired because it seems that modern mixed media is trending. Most of this I do not understand. My goal is to come up with useful, practical, conservative and simple projects that are easy for people to understand, appreciate, and often use (or eat). This journey begins with a simple tassel bookmark to commemorate what I believe to be the big lesson God has been teaching me last year.

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